Me to You is a lifestyle blog meant to cover tips, tricks, stories and complaints of two women in their twenties trying to navigate the winding road of adulthood.

Me to You was created in 2015 by Megan Coons and Eleni Sommerkamp. ( Megan + Eleni = ME to you) Best friends since 7th grade, the two found themselves all grown up, engaged to be married in the same year, and coworkers at the same chemical company. Conversations during daily lunch breaks consisted of wedding planning, wedding planning, and more wedding planning. After exhausting the ears of their coworkers with their life stories, they decided to expand their audience to the entire internet. Hope you find them as entertaining as they think they are.

Megan and Eleni
Here we are today! Don’t be fooled, we don’t always wear matching sparkly purple gowns.
Jonas Brothers Tickets
Early in our friendship when we were obsessed Jonas Brothers fans and had just gotten some sweet concert seats!

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