5 Netflix shows for every mood

5 Netflix Shows for Every Mood

Christmas is over (*whimpers*). It’s time to move into the most BORING months of the whole year. January, February, and March.  Except for Eleni’s and my birthday, these months really don’t have much going for them, IMO.  They’re the worst.  There are no days off work, more than likely it’s cold…. the days just draaaag.  I guess it makes Spring’s arrival just that much sweeter.  But for now, it’s time to settle into a Netflix lifestyle (unless you want to get a hobby – that’s fine, too, I guess).  As for the rest of you, my fellow binge-watchers, let’s go over a few of the must watch shows on Netflix right now.  (Caveat:  I’m not including any movies on this list because, let’s be honest, the selection sucks)  So, what are you in the mood for??


Something dark, mysterious, and downright creepy?

Netflix Original Series, Marvel's Jessica Jones

Marvel’s Jessica Jones:  This isn’t the Marvel you know.  A welcome break from your typical weeknight show, Jessica Jones is a noir-esque escape from reality that tells the story of a very… special private investigator.  It’ll leave you saying, “WHAT?!” more than a few times.  You’ll never want to stop watching – you’ll HAVE to know what happens.  Since this is a Netflix Original Series, they drop one season at a time.  Enjoy Season 1.  Then you can join me in not-so-patiently waiting for Season 2.

Binge-ability:  8/10

An unconventional fantasy world?

ABC, Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time:  You don’t have to be a Disney fanatic to love this one.  OUAT is more like Grimm’s Fairy Tales.  While at times a bit cheesy, this show will never bore you.  The story is always changing and you’re always getting introduced to new, yet familiar characters.  It’s interesting, it’s spontaneous, and it’s certainly different from your average show.  Even my husband likes it, and he’s not really one for Disney stuff.  Plus, there are 5 whole season to watch!  That should last you a while.

Binge-ability:  6/10


Maybe something light-hearted, witty, and easy to watch?


Parks and Recreation:  Eleni and I like to say we are the Ann Perkins and Leslie Knope of the chemical industry.  While it may be a spin-off of The Office, Parks and Rec is even more hilarious and impulsive.  You don’t know humor until you’ve met Ron Swanson and April Ludgate.  This show was my obsession in college.  It’s so quotable it’s ridiculous.  The series ended after Season 7.  You’ll kind of have to get through the first few episodes before it picks up, but you’ll be hooked in no time.

Binge-ability:  9/10


Need thought-provoking intensity with just enough plot?

FOX, House, M.D.

House, M.D.:  Now this is an old one, but worthy of your time.  The series ended on Season 8 in 2012, but if you haven’t watched it yet, give it a try!  Dr. House is so deeply twisted, you will never stop wondering if you love him or if you hate him.  His approach to diagnostic medicine is nothing short of unethical, but you know you’d die to be his patient (pun intended).  Every episode is a different story, with an interesting underlying plot.  You’ll find yourself sucked in by the compelling, and sometimes comical, stories of Dr. House’s patients.  Happy binging!

Binge-ability:  8/10


Want ridiculous with equal parts drama and comedy?

The CW, Jane the Virgin


Jane the Virgin:  Oh. My. Gosh.  This has become my new favorite show.  It’s about a young woman who gets (accidentally) artificially inseminated and becomes pregnant with a super rich, and super hot, hotel owner’s baby.  Obviously a self-proclaiming farce, the show doesn’t take itself too seriously, yet you’ll be seriously sucked into the characters’ stories.  The never ending twists and turns are riveting, with just the right balance of comic relief.  You’ll find yourself adopting a telenovela mindset.  Let’s just say, you’ll NEVER STOP WATCHING.  I NEED MORE EPISODES.

Binge-ability:  10/10 (I watched the whole season in a shorter time frame than I’m willing to admit.)


Proceed to your nearest Netflix viewing station and get to watching!




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