“Is butter a carb?”


mean girls coverMean Girls is a classic that gave us oh-so-many T-shirt quotes.

Boo, you whore!

Whatever, I’m getting cheese fries.

I’m a mouse, duh!

I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom!

There’s a 30% chance it’s already raining!

…I could go on forever…

Tina Fey blessed us with this comedy back in 2004, and I remember thinking it was so risqué. It made me feel like a real teenage girl when I watched it. I watched it today, over a decade later, and it’s still the best. However, there are many fashion trends I noticed that are thankfully GONE. Here’s a list of things you forgot about, prepare to be embarrassed.


Skirts and bellybuttons. Admit it, we all had the pleated mini skirts, plaid skirts, denim minis…why did this seem cute? Keep your butt to yourself, ya’ll.


Hair clips. They were so obnoxious, and sometimes would come in obnoxious colors! I honestly still have some of these hiding in my hair drawer…


Hoop earrings. Hoop earring were THE THING. A slicked back pony tail with some big hoops were the coolest. Of course, my parents wouldn’t let me wear too big of hoops. At that time I didn’t know why, but now I think it’s so I didn’t look like a stripper.

track suit

Track suits. These usually had “Juicy” written on the butt. How classy.


LIP GLOSS. This one is a biggie. Everyone had lip gloss, all the time. It was especially cool if you had the little squeeze ones from Victoria’s Secret, which were super over priced.

There you go! If you want to take a walk down memory lane, pop in the movie. It’s an easy hour and 36 minutes long, full of drama that literally doesn’t matter when you’re over the age of 18. Ah, back when radios were used for music instead of Spotify, you could 3-way call your besties, and there were physical books for burning your classmates instead of a facebook.



5 Netflix shows for every mood

5 Netflix Shows for Every Mood

Christmas is over (*whimpers*). It’s time to move into the most BORING months of the whole year. January, February, and March.  Except for Eleni’s and my birthday, these months really don’t have much going for them, IMO.  They’re the worst.  There are no days off work, more than likely it’s cold…. the days just draaaag.  I guess it makes Spring’s arrival just that much sweeter.  But for now, it’s time to settle into a Netflix lifestyle (unless you want to get a hobby – that’s fine, too, I guess).  As for the rest of you, my fellow binge-watchers, let’s go over a few of the must watch shows on Netflix right now.  (Caveat:  I’m not including any movies on this list because, let’s be honest, the selection sucks)  So, what are you in the mood for??


Something dark, mysterious, and downright creepy?

Netflix Original Series, Marvel's Jessica Jones

Marvel’s Jessica Jones:  This isn’t the Marvel you know.  A welcome break from your typical weeknight show, Jessica Jones is a noir-esque escape from reality that tells the story of a very… special private investigator.  It’ll leave you saying, “WHAT?!” more than a few times.  You’ll never want to stop watching – you’ll HAVE to know what happens.  Since this is a Netflix Original Series, they drop one season at a time.  Enjoy Season 1.  Then you can join me in not-so-patiently waiting for Season 2.

Binge-ability:  8/10

An unconventional fantasy world?

ABC, Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time:  You don’t have to be a Disney fanatic to love this one.  OUAT is more like Grimm’s Fairy Tales.  While at times a bit cheesy, this show will never bore you.  The story is always changing and you’re always getting introduced to new, yet familiar characters.  It’s interesting, it’s spontaneous, and it’s certainly different from your average show.  Even my husband likes it, and he’s not really one for Disney stuff.  Plus, there are 5 whole season to watch!  That should last you a while.

Binge-ability:  6/10


Maybe something light-hearted, witty, and easy to watch?


Parks and Recreation:  Eleni and I like to say we are the Ann Perkins and Leslie Knope of the chemical industry.  While it may be a spin-off of The Office, Parks and Rec is even more hilarious and impulsive.  You don’t know humor until you’ve met Ron Swanson and April Ludgate.  This show was my obsession in college.  It’s so quotable it’s ridiculous.  The series ended after Season 7.  You’ll kind of have to get through the first few episodes before it picks up, but you’ll be hooked in no time.

Binge-ability:  9/10


Need thought-provoking intensity with just enough plot?

FOX, House, M.D.

House, M.D.:  Now this is an old one, but worthy of your time.  The series ended on Season 8 in 2012, but if you haven’t watched it yet, give it a try!  Dr. House is so deeply twisted, you will never stop wondering if you love him or if you hate him.  His approach to diagnostic medicine is nothing short of unethical, but you know you’d die to be his patient (pun intended).  Every episode is a different story, with an interesting underlying plot.  You’ll find yourself sucked in by the compelling, and sometimes comical, stories of Dr. House’s patients.  Happy binging!

Binge-ability:  8/10


Want ridiculous with equal parts drama and comedy?

The CW, Jane the Virgin


Jane the Virgin:  Oh. My. Gosh.  This has become my new favorite show.  It’s about a young woman who gets (accidentally) artificially inseminated and becomes pregnant with a super rich, and super hot, hotel owner’s baby.  Obviously a self-proclaiming farce, the show doesn’t take itself too seriously, yet you’ll be seriously sucked into the characters’ stories.  The never ending twists and turns are riveting, with just the right balance of comic relief.  You’ll find yourself adopting a telenovela mindset.  Let’s just say, you’ll NEVER STOP WATCHING.  I NEED MORE EPISODES.

Binge-ability:  10/10 (I watched the whole season in a shorter time frame than I’m willing to admit.)


Proceed to your nearest Netflix viewing station and get to watching!



Dear Santa: a puppy, please!

So you added a new furry member to the family this Christmas! Congratulations! Getting a puppy is super exciting! They are cute, cuddly and extremely entertaining. Three years ago I rescued my dog King around Christmas time. It was wonderful, but there are a few things I wish I would have known first.  He was somewhat of an ‘impulse buy’, and some things I was not ready for. It’s all fun and playtime at first; however, while they are just the *cutest little fur babies everrrr* (said in a baby talk voice)-they are a HUGE responsibly and there are steps to take early on to ensure an easier life for you and your new puppy. 

  1. Health. Make sure your puppy is up to date on their shots/heart worm/flea medications. An appointment with your local veterinarian is crucial when you first get your puppy so you can make sure they are in tip top shape. This is also a time to decide if they will be ‘fixed’.  Heads up- many puppies will have worms in their poop at some point. It’s disgusting. Don’t freak out, just go get the medication necessary. Here is a quick checklist of what to do.
  2. Training. Proper training FROM THE BEGINNING is the only way to get your puppy with you, and not against you. Puppy training schools are becoming more popular, or just a simple search on Google for puppy training tips can point you in the right direction.  Don’t be afraid to be the boss! Your puppy will test your limits, just like a toddler- be strong!
  3. Puppy pals. I personally think it’s a good idea to get your puppy interacting with other dogs/puppies early on. This way they won’t be as aggressive towards ‘dog strangers’ as they grow up. Dog parks are a fun (and sometimes free) way to let your puppy get some energy out while learning to be social, not scared.  This site can help you search for a park near you. 
  4. Exercise. This one can be fun. Puppies have A LOT of energy, and they will use it one way or another. If you’re smart, you will give them an energy outlet. This could be daily walks, jogs, toys to play with, a large yard to play fetch, or even the dog park. If you don’t give your puppy a way to use their energy, they will find it themselves. It could be chewing your shoes, digging the carpet, gnawing on your doors or walls…if you give them a healthy way to stay active, you both will be much happier. 
  5. Attention. Although I know puppies are not the same as babies, there are a few general concepts that apply to both. One of the big ones is attention. Puppies need A LOT of attention (as if potty training isn’t enough…) If you are going to have a super long day at work one day, try a puppy daycare! Or maybe you have a friend that can watch your fur baby while you are busy! If you neglect your puppy, not only will they get into trouble (making messes on your lovely carpet, chewing through those super expensive shoes you got for Christmas, the list goes on…), but they could actually go into a puppy depression. Keep them busy and you both will be happier. 
  6. Money. Pets cost money. If you consider this from the beginning, it won’t be as frustrating later on. Remember that it is probably more expensive when you first get your puppy though. At first, there is vet bills to get all the vaccines and medicines necessary, puppy training costs if you decide to go that route, buying a bed, toys, kennel, food, bowls, leash, soaps…it can add up fast! Think of it as a puppy-start-up cost. But remember to keep on top of year checkups and keep up for vaccines. This costs money, but it’s worth it to have a healthy growing puppy. 
  7. Lastly, the puppy stage. Having a puppy can be wonderfully challenging at times. It’s very easy to forget that they won’t be a puppy forever! My dog King is 3 years old, and he has only recently started to evolve into an adult dog. While it can be frustrating, they will grow older and learn how to behave. Again, kinda like kids! Only you don’t have to wait 25 years for a dog to become smart…. ☺️

Bringing a puppy into the family is such a fun stage. This is the puppy that will be with you for years: greeting you after work, cuddling with you after a long day, and put a smile on your face when it seems like the world is dark. Appreciate them for the innocent and loving creatures they are, and don’t eat the yellow snow! 

(If you have not gotten a dog yet, but are thinking about it, click here to compare different breeds, and find out what will work best for you!)


dog on carpet
He may not be a puppy anymore, but he is still adorable.

Last Minute DIY Christmas Gifts



For you late shoppers out there (including myself), step away from the gift cards.  You may be considering throwing in the towel for that last person on your list… Well fear not, homemade gifts aren’t just for elementary school anymore!  These DIY gifts are here to save you!  And I’m not taking macaroni necklaces.  These are some Christmas crafts that’ll leave the your family and friends saying “You made this?!”  I’ve listed these DIY gift ideas in order of difficulty based on how much time you have left.  We start TOMORROW.

December 17…

Check it these awesome coasters!  You could seriously give this gift to anyone.  The possibilities are endless.  These square coasters are especially good for Instagram photos!  So many options, so little time.

DIY Photo Coaster Tutorial


December 18…

Okay, so you might not have time to print pictures (photo labs are CRAZY busy this time of year).  Why not use something around the house for your DIY coasters?  Here’s a tutorial using six packs!  Even my husband was like “Okay, that’s kinda cool.”  (Which is pretty much a fanfare for him.)

DIY Beer Coaster Tutorial


December 19…

You still have more than a week!  You can do this!  How about something for your girlfriends?  You may even have these ingredients already at home!  Try this sugar scrub tutorial!

Vanilla Sugar Scrub Tutorial


December 20…

So you’re down to a week.  No pressure!  But maybe we should try something a little easier.  How about these festive dip mix ornaments?  Just mix up a bunch of those spices you never use and put it an an ornament.  Tie a bow on the top and viola!  Bad-ass gift ready for giving.

Dip Mix Ornaments
Dip Mix Ornaments Tutorial


December 21…

Not feeling the dip mixes?  How about hot cocoa mix ornaments?  Super easy, super cheap, and super festive.  You can’t lose with this one!

Hot Cocoa Mix Ornaments Tutorial


December 22…

Feeling crafy?  This next DIY is great because it is super personalize-able.  This is a great gift for anyone… boyfriends, parents, teachers, friends you don’t really know that well…  Try out these Sharpie Painted Mugs!

DIY Painted Mugs Tutorial


December 23rd…

At this point, you’re probably ready to just put something together and call it quits.  This next one is my favorite- Glitter ornaments.  You don’t even need a tutorial.  I made this one for Tyler the year he graduated college.  Now, don’t be fooled by the glitter ornament tutorials on Pinterest.  You DON’T need glue!  All you need is a glass ornament and very fine glitter.  The static charge in the ornament will make the glitter stick to the inside forever.  It doesn’t get easier than that!  You can do anything you want on the outside!  I painted Tyler’s college logo with acrylic paint and tied a bow on the top with a couple jingle bells.



Christmas Eve…

OK, it’s game time.  This is Christmas Eve.  We don’t get much closer to Christmas than this.  But I’m here for you.  Let’s throw something together; we don’t have much time.  1) Go to Target.  2) Get a red EOS lip balm.  3) Do this tutorial.   They even give you a print out.  EASY.  This gift is so clever, anyone could appreciate it.

DIY Rudolph Christmas Gift
Rudolph Christmas Gift Tutorial


And there you have it!  Don’t let anyone make you feel bad about late shopping.  There’s nothing like the camaraderie you feel in Target on Christmas Eve.  We’re all in this together, right?  Good luck!  Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!


White chocolate cranberry cookies- just for you!

If you’re anything like me, you have waited until the last minute to prepare a yummy treat for your workplace holiday party. Mine is tomorrow, less than 24 hours away, and I have just made some delicious white chocolate cranberry cookies. My husband was my taste tester, and he says this is the best recipe I have tried so far- so that’s a good sign! It was such an easy and tasty recipe, I thought some other procrastinating bakers may appreciate this post. I found it on Pinterest, here is the link to the easy-to-follow recipe:

White chocolate cranberry cookies 


Here are all of the ingredients grouped up! (I used regular cranberries and chopped them up myself)
I think I made the cookies a teeny bit too big…

I did not have parchment paper, so I sprayed my cookie sheet. Still stuck to my pan- beware!

The delicious end result.



Easy & Delicious Cinnamon French Toast

Stuck in on a cold winter morning?  Whip up a delicious breakfast fit for a queen in just 10 minutes!  The best part is, you probably have all of these ingredient already!  No grocery shopping.  YAY!

Pinterest french toast.jpg

Easy and Delicious Cinnamon French Toast!

Prep time:  10 minutes

Serves:  6 slices of deliciousness

Husband rating:  4.5 out of 5 Han Solos

Han Solo French Toast

-6 slices of whole wheat bread (no need for fancy bread)

-4 eggs

-1/4 cup milk

-1/2 tsp vanilla

-1 tsp cinnamon

-1 tsp sugar

  1. Set a small (approx. bread slice-sized) skillet on the stove at medium heat.
  2. Whisk 4 eggs in a medium sized bowl that is wide enough to lay a slice of bread in.
  3. Mix in milk, vanilla, cinnamon, and sugar.
  4. Place a slice of bread on top of the egg mixture and flip.  Note:  Make sure not to leave the bread in the mixture for too long or it will fall apart and you’ll have a big ‘ol mess all over your counter when you try to transfer it to the pan.  I’m just saying.  It happens.
  5. Transfer the bread to the pan and cook for 40-60 seconds on each side.
  6. Put on a plate.
  7. Put syrup, butter, powdered sugar, whatever.. on top.
  8. Eat. Relish your amazing breakfast-cooking abilities.

Watch me make it in 13 seconds!