Keeping it clean, while keeping it sane

tidy tips

If we could just make our houses stay perfect forever… Unfortunately, dust collects again, dust bunnies resurrect under the stove, and clothes keep getting dirty.  We will never have perfect homes.  Except for those certain people.  You know those kind of people who are like…


But anyway, for normal people like us, I’ve developed a few techniques to fend off even the greatest messes!  I’ve forced these habits upon myself, not to make my house perfect, but to create a little more order in my life.  There’s something about walking into a clean house at the end of a long day at work, or waking up to a kitchen where last night’s dinner doesn’t linger.  I hope these tips can help you keep a tidy house, while not making you a crazy person!

Make your bed everyday, even though it sucks sometimes.

I know it seems pointless.  “I’m going to mess it up later anyway, so who cares?”  Just try it for a week.  You’ll feel totally awesome when you crawl into a pretty bed instead of a wadded up pile of blankets.  Take a few minutes in the morning to make the bed.

Everything has a place, and everything goes back to that place.

Simple, yet oh so tempting to ignore.  “Why would I sort through this mail when I could just leave it here on the counter?  It’s junk anyway.”  6 days a week of junk mail can start piling up real quick.

Organizers. They’ll change your life.

I may have an obsession with re-purposing organizers.

It’s okay to have a junk drawer.

I know I said everything has a place.  Well, I kind of lied – not everything.  You’re going to collect random stuff and you won’t know what to do with it.  Do not fret, I’m here to tell you it’s perfectly fine to have a drawer to swiftly dump stuff into when visitors stop by.  I won’t tell.

Destination: somewhere else.

My husband and I are big fans of our outgoing box.  We always have something waiting to go to a parent’s house, a letter to be mailed, etc.  Instead of leaving that stuff to float around the house just asking to be forgotten, we throw it in a safe spot where we know we’ll see it on our way out the door.

Keeping up with the Kardashians…and the dishes.

So you’re on a Netflix binge.  One dinner plate + dessert + a few drinks + suddenly time to go to bed if you want to wake up in time for work = a small mountain of dishes in the sink (or more likely, on the coffee table).  Take a minute to throw your dishes in the dishwasher, or at least rinse them.  No clutter, no bugs, more clean dishes for tomorrow night!

These techniques are easy, but they only work as habits – that’s the hard part.  Hope they can make your life a little more tidy!



One thought on “Keeping it clean, while keeping it sane

  1. Hahaha I really needed this…while I’m often excited about cooking, baking, and just making a complete mess in the house… I’m always less excited about tidying things up, but I will definitely try to keep these tips in mind instead of pretending not to see the clutters around the house.


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