Goodbye Apartment Photo Tour

goodbye apartment

Tyler moved into his apartment 2 years ago.  It has been the perfect bachelor pad for him, while still being fairly nice.  I started moving my stuff into this 1 bedroom/1 bath after we got married.  Needless to say, it started to get a little cramped.  While it’s been a lovely place for him, and a fine temporary dwelling for the two of us – IT’S TIME TO GO!  We’re moving into a new 2 bedroom/2 bath apartment this month!  While we’re packing up the place, I thought I’d take you on a tour of our humble abode and show you a few things I’ve liked and which things I’m not sad to leave.  Excuse our mess :-).

Lofted Ceiling

High ceilings in a small-ish apartment make a BIG difference.  I’ll miss them.

Lofted apartment ceiling
The high ceilings make the room seem much bigger! Notice our make-shift wire shelf “pantry”.

“Do you smell that?”

I won’t miss the slight cigarette smell that still lingers from the previous renters.  😛

Glade pumpkin scented candle
The pumpkin scent can ward off any apartment smell!

Decent Kitchen

Hey, not so bad!  The appliances are decently updated, and overall it’s a pretty nice space.

Glade pumpkin scented candle
The sink could use a little love. Notice the cow creamer. My favorite ❤

Except for the dishwasher that doesn’t work.


Non-functional dishwasher
So. Many. Dishes.

Look closer, my friend.

You will see to faux granite spray that wasn’t exactly carefully applied.

Faux granite spray paint
I appreciate the effort.

The walls.  I hate them.

The apartments weren’t built with proper insulated dividing walls so we can hear every beat dropped by our aspiring DJ-neighbor.  His new thing is creating some really disturbing Dracula synth noises.  It’s great…..

Two big sliding glass doors that let in light and lead out onto a nice balcony.

A nice area, though I could probably count the number of times we’ve used it on one hand.  Side note: Be aware that someone else’s balcony is underneath you when you water the plants…. Whoops :-/….

Apartment balcony
We literally have nothing out here but dead plants. Speaking of dead plants…

Peace out, Squirrels!  You little devils.

Okay, they’re cute and we like to take pictures of them occasionally, but they completely tore up our plants.  Now you might say, “But Megan, they were just burying their acorns for winter.”  No!  They didn’t even bury anything.  They just dug them up for fun, I’m pretty sure.




Don’t be fulled by the twinkle in his eye.

Big bathroom!

Tyler and I don’t have to battle for counter space.  Though we do anyway, just for fun.

Apartment Bathroom
Everything in this bathroom – it’s from Target.

The dreaded faucet.

This water is either ice cold or dreadfully hot.  You must decide – do you want to wash your face in Lake Superior or Satan’s bath water?  Take your pick.

Apartment faucet

Big bedroom with a walk-in closet.

Plenty of room for activities.  Though, the closet seemed to shrink once I started moving in… Hmmm.

Apartment closet
Yes, my wedding dress is still in there. I should really do something with that..

Creepy murder closet #1

I only open this door if I absolutely have to.  *shudders*

Utility closet

But wait, where’s the washer/dryer hookup?

There isn’t one….. :’-(

The loft!

While it’s mostly a man cave, I appreciate having the extra space for my craft stuff.

Apartment loft
Tyler taking apart desks in his man-loft.

Creepy murder closet #2

Sorry, Christmas tree.

Apartment storage closet
I don’t like to go in here..

Creepy murder closet #3 / Spider headquarters

Tyler says he’s never seen a spider in here.  But I just have a feeling this is where they have their conferences.

Coat closet
No editing here, either.

And there you have it!  I’ll give it a 3 out of 5 stars for being fairly decent with lots of storage.  Stay tuned for pictures of our new apartment!  I’ll get to decorate all on my own without feeling guilty for moving his man stuff ;-).



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